Aerial Services

Disaster recovery

Nothing can be more demoralizing than trying to convey the damage incurred to others, and that is where Aerial Scouts, LLC highlights damages from a different perspective- from above.

Specializing in aerial photography, our aerial inspections provide a full spectrum of services to inspect/survey damaged roofs, bridges, large impact areas, and agricultural loss.

Critical Infrastructure Inspection

Surveys of Critical Infrastructure, both scheduled and disaster response, are paramount to ensure the systems they provide are safe and reliable.

Specializing in Critical Infrastructure Inspection, Aerial Scouts, LLC provides a full spectrum of services to inspect/survey telecommunications structures, transportation infrastructure, and electrical grid transmission & distribution lines.

Media Production

Provides full service media production, specializing in Aerial Photography & Videography:

  • Development

  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Post-Production

  • Distribution

Real Estate

Standard across the UAS industry, we provide all aerial photography and videography services to supplement real estate listings. This service highlights hidden value only seen from an aerial perspective, increasing purchase prices for both agents and sellers.

Aerial Landscape

Perspective is everything! Viewing any given location from the air adds a sense of dimension and life to it that is unparralelled.

Present how your property fits into the greater perspective of its surroundings, as well as highlighting the unique features it possesses.


Aerial Services include, among other things:

  • Crop Health

  • Irrigation

  • Field Assessment